specifications & design info

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  • Mixing CRI ratings creates a broader based white spectrum with a more balanced spectral power distribution across all colours, optimising intra-canopy penetration, photomorphogenesis and photosynthesis.

  • 80CRI increases blue for veg, while 90CRI increases red for flower and provides adequate far red to allow an increase in leaf size without excessive
    enabling plants to capture more light.


Optimal coverage area

  • Flowering cycle - 1.2 x 06m at 45cm hanging height above plant canopy


  • Vegetative cycle - 1.2 x 06m at 45cm hanging height when dimmed 50%


Thermal Design 

  • A large COB thermal interface surface area to power ratio.

  • Chips mounted with performance Arctic thermal paste toward cooler running corners of over-sized aluminium flared pin heat-sinks.

  • All LED Mounting screws fitted with spring washers to avoid thermal cycling from reducing torque tension.

  • Heat sinks are thermally connected to aluminium frame via TIM pads for further dissipation. 

  • Glass lenses conduct heat away from light emitting surface unlike PMMA (acrylic).

  • Unique thermally isolated onboard driver location.

  • Overall, a well-engineered passive cooled system with no moving parts, reducing operating temperatures to increases efficiency and longevity of the luminaire.

Heatsink thermal.png

Electrical Components


  • Vero and V Series LED arrays share high power Bridgelux InGaN LED die, bonded directly onto an aluminium substrate and encapsulated in a proprietary phosphor compound. The fixture utilises the highest efficiency COB available in the V series. The latest Gen V22-C, with a greater than 70% lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours of operation.


  • The Meanwell HLG-320h-48A was selected out of the HLG range due to having a 95% AC to DC efficiency rating that is maintained from 50-100% power through the linear dimming capability, allowing for system efficacy to only increase.

  • Molex connectors with gold plated spring tabs, ensure pressure is applied to all 4 COB PCB corners for improved thermal transfer as well as insuring a long-lasting electrical connection. Nylon IP68 circular connectors join mains supply to fixture.

  • High temperature silicone cable used through-out light engines and their connection to driver for increased safety and longevity

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Mechanical features

silicone gasket images.PNG
  • At a frame length of 70cm the 2 light engines are spaced as to approximately centre each engine in a 60x60cm area, allowing for optimal coverage in 120x 60cm grow space at a 45cm hanging height above the plant canopy. 

  • The fixtures form factor has a good coverage and output to size ratio, for minimal shading in greenhouse application.

  • Symmetrically weight balanced 5kg fixture with a high power to weight ratio .

  • Stainless steel fasteners mount the aluminium powder coated frame with the anodized heat sinks and driver encasing, for good corrosion resistance

  • Easily removable lenses allow, replacing / cleaning to be done by the user and provide LED protection.