The V8 is a performance luminaire, incorporating engineering and horticultural science to maximize photosynthesis with as little wattage as possible while maintaining longevity, reliability, build quality, safety and affordability.

The 350w IP65 fixture features 8 passively cooled high efficiency mixed white spectrum COB LED arrays lensed by AR coated low-iron high transmittance glass. 

Each fixture outputs 840 μmols, with a system efficacy of 2.92 to 2.42μmol/w depending on the linear power control between half and full power. Therefore more than capable of replacing a new SE 600 HPS or 315w CMH fixture with reflectors installed.

Unlike many other fixtures, the design accommodates large efficiency gains when dimmed.

Aside the efficiency gain in the vegetative cycle, this also allows The user to improve the effeciency of their lighting system over time by increaseing the number of fixtures, at a reduced power per fixture.

With a size of 70 X 16 X 8.5cm, the low-profile single-bar style fixture spaces the two light engines apart as to increase light levels in corners and far sides of the defined grow area, while the overlapping light from each engine ensures center measurements stay high.


  • Fully assembled plug and play fixture.

  • 3 meter UK power cord.

  • Dimming screwdriver.

  • Microfiber cloth.

  • User Manuel.


3 year warranty on all parts and labor. Additionally, the Meanwell power supplies we use in our products come with a 7 year warranty backed by Meanwell and the Bridgelux V-series arrays come with a 5 year warranty backed by Bridgelux.



Comes in plain packaging.