Q: how do your lights compare to HID lamps?

A: Each unit Effectively replaces 700 watts of SE HPS, lowering your environmental temperature while cutting back 50% on electricity costs. In addition there is no need to replace costly bulbs or reflectors, no need for extra cooling equipment and the electricity costs involved. 

Q: Why do you only have 350watt lights and not larger higher wattage lights?

A: Our lights are designed to be used in arrays of fixtures for more flexibility regarding uneven canopy height and adjusting coverage area. This allows the grower to distribute the light over the grow area evenly providing more intensity and coverage for better yields, while improving crop health and quality.​


Q: Do I need a separate light for veg and a separate light for flowering/bloom?
A:  No our lights are for full cycle usage unless stated otherwise, meaning you need only one light for seed/clone/seedling to harvest.  We use COB LEDs which output a very bright white and offer colour temperatures designed to mimic those of natural sunlight.

Q: Can I have a color-temp/spectrum other than what is available in your standard fixtures?
A Yes, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


Q: Can I return the light?

A: Yes, you may return the light within 30 days from purchase. You will also need to pay the return shipping. Lights must be returned in like-new condition or are subject to restocking fees.

Q: Do you ship discreetly?
A:  Yes, all of our light ship in plain packaging and make no reference to "grow lights".​

Q: Where are your fixtures made?

A: Our grow lights are engineered and built in UK . We use the best possible components sourced from around the world.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: We offer a (3) three year warranty on all components.  Additionally, the Meanwell power supplies we use in our products come with a  7 year warranty backed by Meanwell and the Bridgelux V series arrays come with a 5 year warranty backed by Bridgelux.